FUEGOS – Fundación para los Emprendimientos Gastronómicos y las Oportunidades Sostenibles, or in English: Foundation for Culinary Enterprises and Sustainable Opportunities, is a civil society, non-profit organization. FUEGOS seeks to turn culinary endeavors into a driving force for social transformation that contributes to sustainable development and equity in all its forms in both Ecuador and the rest of Latin America.

Our Goals

✓  To promote healthy eating habits and responsible consumption

✓ To encourage sustainable production practices and to conserve biodiversity

✓ To promote culinary entrepreneurship which stimulates local economies and contributes to social inclusion

To strengthen the local population’s cultural identity through the recovery and revaluation of regional cuisine

Food for Change

The “Food for Change in Manabí" initiative seeks to transform the tragedy left behind by the April 2016 earthquake into an opportunity to release the creative force of the people and build more inclusive, resilient and innovative communities, as well as sustainable futures for all, regardless of gender.



The Food and Coffee School and Restaurant is named ‘Iche’, a word from an ancestral Manabí language, that refers to the area’s most delicious delicacies: corviche, ceviche, viche, among others.

'Iche' is a Food and Coffee School that:
- Trains youth and women from Manabí
- Teaches about products, cooking and nutrition
- Equips students with skills to generate entrepreneurship
- Trains farmers in sustainable production techniques

'Iche' is a Restaurant that:
- Serves as an internship opportunity for students
- Facilitates meetings between lovers of good food who are passionate about social transformation
- Acts as an 'Incubator' to nurture and inspire other restaurants and eateries to use local and healthy products


The aim of the ‘Incubator’ is to catalyze the energy and nurture entrepreneurial ventures, to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Manabí and the rest of Ecuador.

Young people who graduate from the Food School–cum-Restaurant and have an entrepreneurial vocation will receive technical and financial support, so they can start up culinary endeavors.



FUEGOS intends to contribute to the establishment of an Ecosystem for open and inclusive innovation, bringing together collaboration from State institutions, civil society organizations, international cooperation agencies, the private sector, international humanitarian and development organizations and academic entities from Ecuador and the rest of the world.

In this way, traditional knowledge is valued and empowered along with science and technology in order to ensure that Manabí is a province that innovates by harnessing its culinary identity.

Our Team

FUEGOS aims to share the flavors of Manabí with the rest of the planet and create a space in which cooks and young people from Manabí and the rest of the world get together to exchange knowledge and experiences, to identify opportunities for join learning and to create new endeavors and flavors.

Orazio, a social entrepreneur born in Manabí, is an Ashoka Fellow who specializes in public policy. Orazio is an agent for change committed to social transformation, and has led several public-private partnership initiatives aimed at promoting social and productive innovation at national and local levels.
Through her contributions in books published by the United Nations, in newspapers and on radio, Michelle is a spokesperson for the nutritional values of traditional Andean food. She also has two cookbooks that highlight native products and their traditional and innovative uses, with sales of more than 50,000 copies.
Martin was the director and one of the founders of the Gustu Restaurant and School Project in La Paz, Bolivia, recently chosen as one of the best restaurants in Latin America. Martin has worked for various international cooperation for development organizations throughout the world.


Jan has been active for forty years on the Danish culinary and gastronomic scene as a writer, radio and television journalist, event organizer, project developer, and educator. He is an ex-president of the Gastronomic Academy of Denmark. Jan helped formulate the Manifesto for the New Nordic Cuisine and helped develop the New Bolivian Cuisine.
For more than two decades, Libertad has investigated cultural manifestations in the province of Manabí, Ecuador. She has published books on both culinary and artisanal culture in Manabí. She is a university professor, writer and member of the Number of the National Academy of History of Ecuador.


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